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Michael Hoch, was born in Austria and is living since 14 years in France, Pays de Gex. During his studies at the University of Vienna Austria he was concentrating his photographic art work on human movements and architecture. Later coming to Geneva to make his PhD at CERN, he started to work on his ongoing project  `Where Science meets  Art`. Impressions of huge manmade machines with extremely small and precise elements to explore nature’s secrets.
He began his exhibition career with two solo shows in Vienna. `Fruehling in New York` 1993 and `StadtArchitekturLandSchaften` 1995 at the KIP in Vienna Austria . 2004 Science Art photos were presented during an exhibition on the ALICE experiment at the Centre Culturel St. Monet in St. Genis-Pouilly  France.  2008 several large photo collages (up to 8 x.1.1m) were presented during the Cern Open Day for the CMS experiment at  Cessy France and installed at CERN Meyrin Switzerland;  2009 PhotoArt  (abstract photo art work)  Thiry France. His science photos have been reviewed by several journals like GEO (GER), BBC online (UK), Sonntagszeitung (CH), Profil (AUT) and others.

Artist Statement

I come from a documentary tradition in which personal access and the ‘authentic’ moment of capture is central. My work is always a move from distance to intimacy and back. I try to capture not only the object but evoke a sense of wonder and mystery. My photographs try to show excitement for the detail and the cross link of the overall geometry.
Working at CERN as a part of the scientific collaboration I also have to follow my voice as an artist and capture the absorbing atmosphere directly on the manmade constructions  … where Science meets Art.
In the ongoing exhibition PhotoArt 2009, in Thoiry France, I want to present mainly my abstract photo artwork to inspire the observer for the hidden views.

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