After pursuing ethnic studies and art history at the univeristy, a meeting with a Swiss painter in the design studios of Ida Gut, Zurich’s most famous designer, changes her life:  “You are not doing what you wanted to, so stop wasting your time and go back to what you truly desire”.  In that moment she realized she had to return to her love for fashion design.
In the 1990s she is at the prestigious “Italian Academy of Fashion and Design” where she understands the importance of real experience and decides to stay in Italy to acquire it.

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She begins to work with established fashion houses such as Antonio Marras, Etienne Aigner, Max & Co, and Roberto Cavalli. During her short vacations she leaves Italy and with her pencil, pad and backpack she travels to Australia, India, Madagascar, Mali, Africa and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil; constantly searching for new ideas and feelings for forthcoming collections.
She is a yound designer who believes in the social responsibility that becomes fashion.  This is the mix of Cornelia Bamert, fashion designer with a new approach to women’s style.
Her dreams becomes reality when in 2008 her models are at the Carroussel du Louvre and the “Redesign the World by Cornelia Bamert” is born – and the ecotick line, an ambitious project, comes to life.  An idea that aims to marry fashion and ethical beliefs in a socially responsible brand, one that fuses traditions and lets one re-live places, that tastes and gels art and culture from all over the world, a project that integrates and re-interprets reality while respecting each one’s identity.
Her objective is to find a different approach to design and production of women’s fashion.  By creating her collection in Thailand, Mali and Brazil she acquires an immense wealth of creativity and originality.  Accessories are created using materials recycled from the poorest favelas and that in turn contribute to give a further impulse to small and local enterprises, all with a desire to do more.  Ethical production, however, is not just manufacturing things overseas:  its mission is to use fabrics and weaves that come from small Italian companies that are ever up against a strong competition from larger groups and at risk.
Since September 1, 2008 Redesign the World is also the consulting office for Trend research and ethical fashion design.

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