Arabeschi di Latte is a creative group founded in 2001 and based in Florence.
The group purpose is to experiment with new design concept. It focuses on food fascination and  power of food to create situations and relationships.
What characterises Arabeschi di Latte is a principle of  “daily sense of happiness” pursued through various strategies of partecipation and alternative functional models that respond to basic and pleasure needs of the social life.


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Arabeschi di Latte, till now, has been busy in creating actions, objects, images, performances and events related to major cultural events, including art, architecture, entertainment, conferences, exhibitions, parties, etc., introducing a modality of interventions that want to be light and fresh in spite of the actual substance of the context in which they were inscribed.  Uniting passions, fields of interests, interdisciplinary experiences Arabeschi di Latte  realizes and creates projects which express and reveal contemporaneousness beyond sectorial classification of creating.
Arabeschi di Latte during the last four years has developed many projects connected with food.
Believing that food it’s not just “food on the plate” but everything relating to it, the group works on the atmosphere, the display, the packaging, the story behind ingredients, the preparation, and the scent and colour of food itself. The result is that food become an experience.
The Mediterranean conviviality is a key factor in this research and comes from the group Italian background. Food is a tool that leads into opportunities of getting together, sharing a simple meal.
Ingredients are simple with a gentle nostalgie for the forgotten tastes and rituals (ex. “nightime pic nic”, “Sunday passion”)
Foods are generally  presented with meticulous care, with the emphasis of their purity and genuine character, obtaining comfortable and pleasant feeling.
Many times the “arabesche” themselves offers the food to the guests. The performance underline the reflections on hospitality and social interaction that are part of the group research.
Arabeschi di Latte create also customized kitchenware and special accessorizes that enhance the idea behind each project.
Like in the project “fetish tea”, where the classic equipment for 5 o’clock  tea is transformed with ironic fetish additions and the silver cutlery is decorated with black plastic animals and fury tails.
The group has studied also many food boxes, lunch kit and food gadgets. These items are customised (handmade or not) for each client and are made more exclusive by graphic elements especially designed for the occasion. Like in the project “mix &match” for Diesel.
The project combines elements from eastern and western pop culture
It took its inspiration from the markets of the Southeast of Asia, but also from the plastic Chinese gadget shops spreading in western cities. Muffins and Chinese good-luck cakes stand side by side on the same table. Soup comes in cups like coffee, cakes are packed in colourful piece of fabric, seeds and candies are in many little paper bags. Food is served from a little kiosk created for the event.
The Kiosk is a recurrent element. Arabeschi di Latte has designed many temporary food kiosks, referring to the ancient tradition of street vendors and inspired by the self-organising quality of their artefacts. Among the kiosks realised by the group: ”kiosco” “Terrace bar”, “pit-a-pat”, “edible_temporary food stations”, “Acchiappasogni”.

To conclude…
Arabeschi di Latte offers a variety of services and collaborations in the field of creativity focusing on food related project: food concepts, eating events, food design, creative research and consultancy, setting and styling, packaging solutions, visual comunication, food installations, performace.
Who is arabeschi di latte…
Five girls, five architects with a great passion for conviviality!
Our names: Francesca Sarti, Alessandra Foschi, Silvia Allori, Francesca Pazzagli, Francesca Sorgato

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